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Europe's Oldest Casinos You Should Visit

Gambling has existed for a very long time. If not all, then the majority of casino table games have Roman origins. Nowadays, you may enjoy a variety of casino games with friends at home, in real-world casinos, or online. In the past, gambling was a privilege of the nobles, but as time went on, individuals from all social classes became captivated by it.

Casino di Venezia in Italy

The Casino di Venezia is regarded as the oldest continuously operating casino in the world. This casino's design was created by Mauro Codussi, and its doors first opened in 1638. It's interesting that the structure had a theater with a space designated for gambling. The Casino of Venice, also known as "Ridotto," was shut down in 1770 after the government outlawed all types of gambling nationwide because to the perception that gambling contributed to the destitution of the nobility.

A few years later, Venice had a significant increase in gambling, but the one establishment that was legal was shut down. This resulted in the construction of illegal gambling operations. Casino di Venezia was reopened in the 1930s, and it is still located on the Grand Canal.

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

The construction of the Casino de Monte Carlo was the idea of Princess Caroline. To prevent the House of Grimaldi from experiencing serious financial difficulties, a casino was opened. The establishment's grand opening took place in 1863. It underwent multiple expansions over the years and became into a significant gambling center for fans of European casinos.

The casino is still available right now and contributes significantly to both the economy of Monaco and the House of Grimaldi. It's interesting to note where Ian Fleming found the ideas for his wildly successful book Casino Royale.

Casino de Spa in Belgium

The Casino de Spa, which was first constructed in 1763, has perhaps the weakest justification for being on this list, though not through any fault of its own.

The resort in Belgium was nearly destroyed during World War I when a fire rendered the majority of its exterior walls irreparable. The location underwent a comprehensive makeover in the 1980s after being rebuilt in 1918.

The modern casino is close to the renowned Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, the site of the yearly Formula One event, and has all the amenities often found in modern gambling venues.

Salzburg Casino in Austria

Is a must-go gambling destination with distinctive baroque architecture and a long history. The casino first opened its doors in Schloss Mirabell on July 1st, 1934. The Second World War forced Salzburg Casino to close just 4 years later. When the casino reopened in 1950, it quickly gained popularity among those who enjoy gambling.

1993 marked a turning point in the casino's growth as it was the year it moved to Schloss Klessheim and more gaming options were offered. All improvements were finished in 2016, and the casino is now open every day to visitors from around the globe.

Kurhaus Wiesbaden Casino in Germany

The Kurhaus Casino, built in the Baden-Baden region of Germany in the mid-1820s, may not be as well-known as its neighbor in Monte Carlo, but its history predates the principality.

The Casino gained a reputation on a global scale in the 1830s thanks in large part to France's gambling ban. It was located on the edges of the Black Forest, close to the German-French border.

The 카지노사이트 is still operating today and provides a totally distinctive gambling environment. In the world of architecture, Friedrich Weinbrinner is revered for his prominent columns and neo-classical style.